Past Stones of the Month



~ Crop Circle Stone ~

Crop circle stones, referred to as Circle Stone, are made of natural earthbound flint found inside crop circles in England. Also called the “Awakening” stone, the crop circle stone stimulates the heart, third eye, and crown chakras. This stone stimulates one to reach inside oneself seeing and knowing the gifts they hold in with the way their intuition works for them.  By going deeper into the abyss of self doubt, the darkness brings one into the light of self knowing. This stone acts as a talismans, assisting one on ones path towards one's spiritual awakening and opening a path for inner communication with the “Circle Makers”.  Crop Circle stone light is believed to help awaken the human heart in relationship with the outer celestial energies.



~ Sieber Agate ~

Sieber Agate is another slag.
This stone is about Going within to seek a greater understanding of oneself and for clarity of deeper issues. A deeper understanding of oneself aids in choosing what one really desires for one’s Spiritual growth.
There is a strength in Sieber Agate that can assist one with seeing what they desire. Let go of fear, no need to hesitate moving forward on your Spiritual path, breathe in your truth and come out of the shadows and stand in the light that you are. This stone gently hold your hand and leads one to shine for oneself.
Sieber Agate a vitreous by-product of copper smelting. It is characterized by swirls of pale Grey-Green/Blue within a deeper Blue/Grey base. it is believed to date from a time about 600 years ago and is found in an area of Germany close to the river Sieber. Which gives us the name Sieber Agate.



~ Carmel Calcite ~

Caramel Calcite gently amplifies energy, assists with challenges associated with change. It's soft gentle energy can enhance ones connection to higher consciousness, intellect and memory. Caramel Calcite assists with mental clarity, focused energy and connecting which is necessary to complete complex tasks or long term projects successfully. Caramel Calcite combines the energies of Fire and Wind stimulating the will and the mind. It helps to  understand how to put the Divine inspiration and guidance into action. It helps clear the mind and  prepare to receive higher knowledge and learning. It can assist one with the strength to break old patterns and undertake new direction. Caramel Calcite helps overcoming fear and procrastination. It stimulates self worth.  It  assists is developing an attitude of gratitude and abundance. Caramel Calcite helps to overcome feelings of being overwhelmed and to be positive about your ability to  change one's life.



~ Manganese ~

Manganese is about bringing people closer together, activating the energies of cooperation in group efforts. This stone stimulates spontaneity, creativity and enhances positive energy. Producing a deep connection, which can help to balance the emotions and the physical body, acting as a bridge, building a connection between the conscious self and the angelic realm. Manganese uplifts oneself  and can help support one to delve into the roots of issues that require resolution in this life. This mineral also gently support a fragile emotional system, with a delicacy that is usually found only when in the presence of Angels




~ Pistachio Calcite  ~

Pistachio Calcite a soft green form of Green Calcite, found in Pakistan.  Desiring to focus on balancing one’s emotions when it comes to dealing with a change of heart. This stone can assist one to stay grateful for the love that they have for ones self and the loving relationships that exists in ones life now. It softens the impact from other peoples opinion energetically, protecting our personal space. Pistachio Calcite provides a ‘cocoon’ of gentle spiritual Light which gradually wraps itself around the auric field of those who hold or carry it. This Calcite is also helpful in screening out negative or unpleasant energies. This stone stimulates one’s access to inspiration, it opens the inner avenue for conscious exploration of the unconscious realms.



~ Silver Blue Topaz ~

Silver Blue Topaz is a combination of the two stones, Blue Topaz, known as the stone of clarity, aids in verbalization and helps one to attune to their higher self. Silver Topaz clears one’s mind of negative thoughts and energy, and aids in one’s spiritual development. Together they are associated with wisdom, communication, and finding the perfect pathways to success and opportunity, clarifying intentions, allowing awareness to aid in manifestation. Silver Blue Topaz invites one to embrace their self, trust their power, and find one’s own kind of good fortune.  It radiates the energy of truth, helping one to see the truth in one’s spiritual journey.  Allowing one to be open to higher energies and receive messages from the Divine. Topaz is derived from the Greek word topazion, which may have originated from the Sanskrit term tapas, meaning fire. Or the Egyptian island of Topazos in the Red Sea



~ Brown Snowflake Obsidian ~

Brown Snowflake Obsidian often refers to as Coffee or Chocolate Snowflake Obsidian. This stone offers security, safety, and stability in uncertain times, and is ideal for the root and sacral chakra's. With all that has been happening the past few years, connecting deeply with the earth and containing one’s mind from wandering endlessly in contrasting thoughts, this stone is a fun one to have. Brown Snowflake Obsidian helps keep one focused and determined on the task at hand, while eliminating that inner procrastination that constantly distracts one from getting their work done. Brown Snowflake Obsidian is found in many areas of the worlds where volcanic activity has taken place.



~ Green Moonstone ~

Green Moonstone, also referred to as “The Stone of The Goddess”, is a powerful and mysterious gemstone and is a relatively uncommon form of Moonstones. This stone helps one balance ones over-sensitivity to situations and  assist to relieve the stress. Green Moonstone brings out one’s feminine side, rather than rely solely on one’s intellectual reasoning.  It assist one in becoming more aware of their subconscious, intuitive feelings and emotions. Green Moonstone brings many traditional links to the Moon cycles, allowing one to appreciate the never-ending cycles of life, better understand that as each end comes to fruition, so a new beginning takes place. Green Moonstone also represents freedom and so it can assist one in breaking free of any emotional or mental chains that have been tying one down in life and preventing one from moving forward



~ Wyoming Jade Zoisite ~

Wyoming Jade Zoisite is made up of Jade Nephrite, which is the only type of Jade to be found in Wyoming, with pink Zoisite inclusions, from the area known as the Wyoming Jade Fields. This stone has a high spiritual energy and is associated with the crown chakra and soul star chakra. The soul star chakra is our energy center of Divine love and spiritual compassion, which provides one with Divine abundance on all levels. Wyoming Jade Zoisite can stimulate new ideas and release negative thoughts. This stone helps one when they are in the midst of crisis and confusion by centering one and filling our body with feelings of peace and calm.



~ Camouflage Jasper ~
Camouflage Jasper is a stone when one desires to go deeper within oneself. Looking to the stories that we seem to repeat over several times, allows one to view from within the hidden messages meant for oneself.  Camouflage Jasper can bolster ones courage, discovery and passion. This stone promotes wisdom and thoughtfulness of action over rash decisions and spontaneity.  It is a great stone for those who want to work with something that will help them be centered through ones connection to earth.



~ Strawberry Quartz ~
Strawberry Quartz is a type of naturally pink quartz that has the vibration of clear quartz and also contains goethite stone that has a deep, safe earth connection. Although very powerful, the vibration of Strawberry Quartz is quite gentle. This stone brings a deep feeling of universal love and an understanding of purpose. It brings balance to the psyche, emotions and subtle energy bodies. This crystal stimulates heart energy and helps one gain insight to self and inspiration on how to improve on it. It can also help one who is learning about their Spiritual path to gather information on these endeavors



~ Oregon Sunstone ~
Oregon sunstone is also called heliolite (sun), is a transparent to opaque feldspar from the high desert in southeast Oregon. This is a joyful, self nurturing stone full of light and laughter. Oregon sunstone increases vitality and protects against those who drain energy or finances. This stone can help let go of people in relationships that no longer serve your best interests. This stone instills independence, leadership, personal power, freedom, as well as inspiration to serve others. The positive vibration helps mental clarity and expanded consciousness.  Oregon sunstone is also helpful in manifestation



~ Saturn Chalcedony ~
Saturn Chalcedony is banded in a variation of colors, prominently green. This high vibration stone is also extremely protective and assist one with absorbing negative energy, allowing it to dissipate preventing onward transmission. This stone was named after the plant Saturn, since the rings on the stones emulates the rings surrounding Saturn. This stone attracts abundance and prosperity in both the physical and spiritual realm, encouraging one to interact with others through kindness and friendliness, even when dealing with a difficult personality. Chalcedony allows one to feel in control of their emotions and safe in expressing their thoughts and opinions.



~ Mtorolite ~
Mtorolite, also known as Chrome Chalcedony or Mtorodite, is considered a calm and centering stone that empowers one to move through life changes with calmness at a time when we are all dealing with the continuing changes around the world right now. Mtorolite offers emotional support so one can view life with a heart-centered awareness. It is considered a reboot crystal – a cosmic do-over that transmits wisdom to help one review their past mistakes and make better choices, it truly is a stone of second chances. Mtorolite allows one to cope with life’s challenges, comprehend the lessons to be learned and enable one to move forward on their path with understanding and purpose. Side note - Mtorolite was widely used in jewelry and seals throughout the Romain Empire, however the source of the crystal was unclear and it disappeared from use sometime in the second century. It wasn't until the 1950s that deposits of Mtorolite were found again, this time in Zimbabwean.



~ Rhodonite ~
Rhodonite is generally pink to deeper rose pink, with black manganese oxide mixed in. In the 1790’s in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Rhodonite was called “eagle stone,” as eagles were seen carrying small pieces to their nests. In 1913, Rhodonite was named the national stone of Russia. It is a heart centered stone with a deep earth connection. It helps calm emotional panic and shock, and deal with painful situations. It is an emotional balancer that nurtures love and encourages the brotherhood of humanity. It is also known to bare wounds and scars of the past for healing, restoration and rejuvenation. This stone nurtures the inner self and empowers one to reach their full potential.



~ Bronzite ~
Bronzite is an energizing, protective, uplifting, and earth connecting stone. This stone is said to assist in having focused action and politeness. Noted to help give certainty without willfulness, service assistance, and to “do” while “being”.  Bronzite is said to help put things in their right place according to indisputable basic principles. By doing so, plans and future events are easier as indecision and confusion are cleared. Bronzite helps one achieve certainty and clarification of what we want in our lives.   This stone can help replace doubt with serenity and give us the courage to put thought into action.




~ Howlite ~
Sometimes called White Turquoise, Howlite was discovered by Henry How, a Canadian chemist, in 1868. Howlite is an excellent calming stone that can aid insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind; one can either place it under their pillow or make an elixir and drink that and hour before bed. It can calm stress, rage, and anger, whether your own or another’s.  It can also calm turbulent emotions, it releases the strings that tie old emotions to present life triggers. Howlite is a stone of awareness and allows one to receive wisdom from the divine. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, strengthens memory, and is helpful in journeying to get past life information.



~ Brecciated Jasper ~

Brecciated Jasper is also known as the “supreme nurturer”.  This stones is about supporting one during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Brecciated Jasper is a jasper that contains Hematite. This is a jasper that is both protective and nurturing, and has a strong earth connection. It is great for helping one to “keep their feet on the ground”, attain emotional stability, and the ability to bounce back from a conflict or crisis. Brecciated Jasper increases vitality and rejuvenation, creates inspiration and promotes self confidence. Also, this stone assist with an increasing a sense of wholeness and relaxation during stressful situations.



~ Hypersthene ~

Hypersthene is from the Greek words for “over strength”. This root chakra stone gives strength and faith within ones self. It is a blackish colored stone, yet when observed at different angles and light, different colors shine with a luminescence. This stone helps calm, soothes and arranges energy to assist in stimulating problem solving and answers. Hypersthene helps one to be at ease in social situations. It assist with irritability and judgment of self and others. The Adirondack Mountains in New York is considered to be the most important deposit in the world.



~ Shiva Lingam ~

Shiva Lingams, sacred to the Hindu tradition, are ceremoniously gathered once a year from the muddy banks of the Narmada River, one of 7 sacred places of pilgrimage in India. They have unique characteristic patterning that make them wonderful expressions of how we all are individual within our human bodies.  The shape embodies masculine energy of dynamic expression, knowledge and power.  The mineral composition and the shape make the stones unique as objects for meditation. They are said to contain the loftiest vibration of all stones on earth.



~ Spectrolite  ~

Spectrolite is higher in the Labradorite family.  It enfolds ones soul in a cloak of protection in any realm. This highly mystical stone raises consciousness and facilitates multi- and inter-dimensional journeying.  Spectrolite can take one into other lives, removing previous disappointments or ill-wishing on others or self, and strengthening one's trust in the Universe. Enhancing psychic vision, this stone filters the third eye and deflects unwanted energies or information from impinging on oneself.



~ Honeycomb Calcite  ~

Honeycomb Calcite is 150 to 200 million years old, although it is a fairly recent discovery for mankind in 1995. This stone ties to our emotions bringing a feeling of light, bright, happy openness. It gently amplifies energy, boosts intellect and memory, and can increase psychic abilities as it increases higher consciousness. This calcite helps with challenges associated with change.

IMG_6067 (1)


~ Pink Agate  ~
Agates are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Pink Agate becomes a wonderful energy neutralizer. Soothing anger and negative energies, while bringing the properties of balance & stability from the Agate family offer many benefits. Pink Agate brings a sense of confidence and support for the emotions, helping one move from being in a defensive mindset into a calming, positive one. It helps one move past misconceptions one may have and allows one to be more understanding, letting go of energies and ideas that no longer serve. Pink agate replaces heartache, old wounds & despair with heart healing & joy.



~ Starry Jasper  ~
Starry Jasper is all about protection, especially when one is traveling and even better for those who desire to astral travel. This stone connects us to the Universe and the Earth as we work on feeling secure and one within ourselves as we deal with everyday changes around us. Starry Jasper instills a feeling of completeness, wholeness, with the ever changing times we are experiencing as of late. With contrasting information that is part of life, this stone can assist in mental clarity with is right for self.



~ Palm Wood  ~
Palm wood connects to earth and nature, stabilizes emotions and calms nerves. It encourages feelings of courage, safety, security, and well being, and decreases worry about the small stuff. Great stone for business success stone as it assist one with making the good decisions for financial gain. This stone also can help with patience and past life connections.



~ Emerald Calcite  ~

Emerald Calcite is a beautiful green stone that include shades of blue-green and seafoam green. As a calcite, it is an amplifier of energy and an energy cleanser. Emerald Calcite is a deep heart chakra healing stone that cleans old, stagnant and blocked energies. By clearing old love issues and relationship patterns, Emerald Calcite can be used to project love and self respect for yourself.  A suggested phrase to use with the Emerald Calcite is “I am in love with the Universe, Myself, and Life”. Emerald Calcite calms anxieties and mental fears. This is an uplifting crystal that helps one blossom.



~ Clinozoisite  ~

This stone balances and stabilizes the body’s energy flow. It is an “all is well” stone that changes energy from negative to positive with an uplifting, light energy. It gives emotional clarity, support, nurturing, and can help link to higher realms and angel connection. The main chakras affected by this stone are the heart and solar plex. Clinozoisite is an emotional healer and gives comfort in times of change and stress. It helps increase vitality, helps one complete unfinished projects, and helps in the recuperation process. Its conflict healing quality can also help friendships bloom.




~ Axinite ~

 This stone has a strong earth connection that increases strength and endurance; good for those who work hard, for fatigue, stress, and inactivity. Although an earth connector, it also opens one to the spiritual information from the universe with its effect on the third eye. It can help in times of change to go more with the flow. It is said to help align physical and spiritual bodies and be extremely helpful in personal growth. As a truth stone, Axinite helps reveal inner truth. It deepens intimacy at all levels and enables you to be totally open about who you are at your core being.



Past Artisit Features


~ Lucinda ~

Lucinda grew up in Oregon and has been painting and creating art since she was a kid, but like most of us she stopped doing her childhood hobby as she got older. After 25 years of not painting and living in many different areas of the world Lucinda found her way back to Oregon and to her old hobby, and she feel in love with the joy of painting again. Butterflies are representative of transformation, beauty, joy, and freedom, and Lucinda believes that everyone could use a little joy in their lives!



~ Jodie ~

 Jodi Menard is a new artist in our store and her pieces add a new sense of color to our space! Jodi's pieces rang from necklaces and pendants, to wall art and even crystal wands! Each item is hand made and one of a kind.


~ Pam ~

Pam is a local Oregon coast artist that makes necklaces out of Agate and Jasper stones she finds during her walks on the Oregon beaches. Each stone in tumbled and polished, and then finished into a beautiful pendant. Every necklace is hand picked and made into a unique piece of jewelry that truly is one of a kind.

~ Romelia ~

Romy, or Ramon/Romelia,  creates artisan dream catchers that range in color, size, and themes! Dream catchers originated from Native American cultures and have been used for centuries to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. So whether you love dragons or mermaids, Romy has the perfect dream catcher for you!