Stone of the Month

~ Emerald Calcite  ~

Emerald Calcite is a beautiful green stone that include shades of blue-green and seafoam green. As a calcite, it is an amplifier of energy and an energy cleanser. Emerald Calcite is a deep heart chakra healing stone that cleans old, stagnant and blocked energies. By clearing old love issues and relationship patterns, Emerald Calcite can be used to project love and self respect for yourself.  A suggested phrase to use with the Emerald Calcite is “I am in love with the Universe, Myself, and Life”. Emerald Calcite calms anxieties and mental fears. This is an uplifting crystal that helps one blossom.


Artisit Feature


At Sapphire Center we believe that community is the best support a small business owner can have, so we are proud to carry local artist products. The artist we would like to feature this month is Pam. Pam is a local Oregon coast artist that makes necklaces out of Agate and Jasper stones she finds during her walks on the Oregon beaches. Each stone in tumbled and polished, and then finished into a beautiful pendant. Every necklace is hand picked and made into a unique piece of jewelry that truly is one of a kind.