Stone of the Month

~ Hypersthene ~

Hypersthene is from the Greek words for “over strength”. This root chakra stone gives strength and faith within ones self. It is a blackish colored stone, yet when observed at different angles and light, different colors shine with a luminescence. This stone helps calm, soothes and arranges energy to assist in stimulating problem solving and answers. Hypersthene helps one to be at ease in social situations. It assist with irritability and judgment of self and others. The Adirondack Mountains in New York is considered to be the most important deposit in the world.


Artisit Feature


At Sapphire Center we believe that community is the best support a small business owner can have, so we are proud to carry local artist products. The artist we would like to feature this month is Romelia Ramon, or Romy. Romy creates artisan dream catchers that range in color, size, and themes! Dream catchers originated from Native American cultures and have been used for centuries to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. So whether you love dragons or mermaids, Romy has the perfect dream catcher for you!