Stone of the Month

~ Wyoming Jade Zoisite ~

Wyoming Jade Zoisite is made up of Jade Nephrite, which is the only type of Jade to be found in Wyoming, with pink Zoisite inclusions, from the area known as the Wyoming Jade Fields. This stone has a high spiritual energy and is associated with the crown chakra and soul star chakra. The soul star chakra is our energy center of Divine love and spiritual compassion, which provides one with Divine abundance on all levels. Wyoming Jade Zoisite can stimulate new ideas and release negative thoughts. This stone helps one when they are in the midst of crisis and confusion by centering one and filling our body with feelings of peace and calm.


Artisit Feature


At Sapphire Center we believe that community is the best support a small business owner can have, so we are proud to carry local artist products. The artist we would like to feature this month is Romelia Ramon, or Romy. Romy creates artisan dream catchers that range in color, size, and themes! Dream catchers originated from Native American cultures and have been used for centuries to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. So whether you love dragons or mermaids, Romy has the perfect dream catcher for you!